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QC SoDa dance classes are going online!


QC SoDa Dance Studio, MaD SoDa DVD's and PartNerd Dance Videos are doing their part to reduce the impact of covid-19.  While social distancing might be a new kind of hurdle for social dancing, we believe that dance and practice and nearly every part of becoming a good dancer is still possible, even without the ability to be face-to-face.  So we are going to be increasing our online presence dramatically, and moving all classes to the digital/online studio.  In-person classes with instructors will return as soon as we know that it is safe and in good faith to do so.  So please join us from your home or office, or wherever you can get the internet, for the next couple of weeks.  Thank you for your patience, and we can use any support you are able to give at patreon.com/partnerddance

MaD SoDa dance DVD are going online, too!


Along with our dance-from-home classes and reviews, we'll also be making our MaD SoDa dance instruction videos available online as well.  You can choose any of your favorites from 26 different styles and more are always getting finished.  Use our signature teaching system and enjoy learning from your computer or mobile device.

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