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No payment required with this form, we appreciate being able to plan the classes for how many are coming.  Certain classes may be cancelled if too few students register ahead of time.

After you have filled out the form, make sure to hit the "SUBMIT RSVPS" button


12:00 Swing Beginners

1:00 Swing Intermediate

2:00 Waltz Beginners

3:00 Waltz Intermediate

4:00 30/30/30 Salsa Party


1:00 Foxtrot Beginners

2:00 Foxtrot Intermediate

6:30 Swing Beginners

7:15 Swing Intermediate

8:00 West Coast Swing


10:00 Nightclub Twostep Beginners

11:00 Nightclub Twostep Intermediate

1:00 Swing Beginners

2:00 Swing Intermediate

4:00 Salsa Beginners

5:00 Salsa Intermediate

7:00 Rumba Beginners

8:00 Rumba Intermediate


10:00 Twostep Beginners

11:00 Twostep Intermediate

1:00 Rumba Beginners

2:00 Rumba Intermediate

5:30 Zumba Workout

7:00 Salsa Beginners

8:00 Salsa Intermediate


10:00 Tai Chi

1:00 ChaCha Beginners

2:00 ChaCha Intermediate

3:00 West Coast Swing

7:15 Argentine Tango Beginners

8:00 Argentine Tango Intermediate


1:00 Salsa Beginners

2:00 Salsa Intermediate

7:00 Social Dance and SoDa Tastings


4:00 Kizomba

After you have filled out the form, make sure to hit the "SUBMIT RSVPS" button

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