12:30 Dance Defense (Framing) - The class where everyone learns how to rub elbows (literally) with the other dancers.  A good connection will help you in all the other workshops, too.

1:30 Coast to Coast (Lines and Curves) - This class emphasizes the differences between the swings, so you can know which things to assume about the dances for the rest of the workshops.

2:30 Crazy Eights (Moving from Swing to Lindy) - A whole class dedicated to that leap-of-eight which is Lindy.  A little triples, a little walks, a little crazy.

3:30 Rockin' Rhythms (Extras for Swing footwork) - Let's take a moment and acknowledge how Swing got it's start: jazz.  This class will take traditional jazz steps and put them into your partner dancing.

5:30 Lindy Hop Crash Course - This is an introduction to the basic movements of Lindy, which you'll get to use throughout the weekend.


10:00 Swing In Your Step (Swing I) - This is an intro to East Coast Swing, which is the basic medium fast style most people start with.

11:00 Kick Into Gear (Charleston I) - This is a side-by-side beginners Charleston class.  You learn basic rhythm and how to kick butt (but not the other dancers) at Charlestion

1:30 Circular Fashion (Lindy I) - This will be a beginner-friendly Lindy class to build on the Friday class and get you moving with some turns.

2:30 Bouncin' Bal, Baby (Balboa I) - While not an easy class, this workshop will prepare you to put Balboa movements into your Lindy or Charleston

3:30 Kick Out Of You (Charleston II) - Next level of Charleston is the tandem hold.  Both partners on the same feet, counterbalancing, and free of kicking one another, this class will stretch the ideas of the basics.

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