Flash Mobs!

The Flash Mob Crew is a free club of all levels of dancers with one goal in mind: making the unknowing audience smile by surprising them with dance. It might be at a store, a school, a mall, an assisted living center, or an outdoor flash mob at one of the awesome area parks. We partner with whichever organization runs the site to schedule times and dates. Anyone can be in the flash mob crew, and most choreographies are beginner-friendly!


Join us and learn the dances for our flash mob events or contact us to schedule a flash mob for your organization or business.


We have several different events throughout the year:


We get ready for our Ceili dancing and Bailes Folklorico for St. Patricks and Cinco de Mayo, respectively.


We usually prepare something Swing-y for the free concerts in the Quad Cities and perform at the Bix Dance Weekend in August.


We learn the routine for the Thrill The World event and Halloween with the zombie mob dancing to Thriller.


The Flash Mob Crew takes a break during November and December. Rest up, Dancers!

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