SoDa dancers hit Orlando this January

We are taking our dancers and escaping the midwest blizzards to sunny Orlando.  We will be staying at the Westgate Lakes Resort.  There is dancing every night, workshops during the day, and participants have access to all the resorts programs and amenities.

Friday January 3rd through Friday January 10th.

7 nights of dancing, 6 days of activities

10 Tickets available:

King suite 1 (2 people)

King suite 2 (2 people)

King suite 3 (2 people)

Two Bed Double Suite (2-4 people)

Queen Sleeper Cost Saver (2 people)

Full Sleeper Cost Saver 1 (1 person)

Full Sleeper Cost Saver 2 (1 person)


We will start a waiting list and should be able to add people in 10 at a time if we reach those numbers.

Cost includes resort accomodations and dance events, does not include transportation or food.

Itinerary information coming soon

Pricing information coming soon


Due before November 27th


King Suite: 

$1000 for one couple OR

$800 for single person


Due before November 27th



Friday January 3rd:

Afternoon - Check in to Resort

Evening - Ballroom Dancing

Late Option - Salsa Dancing


           DJ Bachatess

           Salsa Heat Studio

Saturday January 4th:

Day - Workshops

Evening - Swing Dancing


           Orlando Big Band

           Crystal Ballroom

Sunday January 5th:

Day - Workshops

Evening - Ballroom Dancing


           DJ Mark Arnott

           Venetian Ballroom

Monday January 6th:

Day - Workshops

Afternoon - Ballroom Dancing


           DeLand Swing Band

           Sanborn Center

Evening - Swing Dancing

Tuesday January 7th:

Day Option - Workshops

Day Option - Tourist Activities

Wednesday January 8th:

Day - Workshops

Evening - Ballroom Dancing


           Music Du Jour

           Crystal Ballroom

Thursday January 9th:

Day - Workshops

Evening - Ballroom Dancing


           Band TBA

           Beardall Center

Friday January 10th:

Morning - Checkout of Resort


Includes 7 nights at Westgate Lakes Resort, plus all dance events.  Suites include separate private rest room and.  Tickets do not include food or transportation.

Two Bed Double Suite:

$1400 for two couples OR

$1200 for one couple + one single

$1000 for two singles


Due before November 27th

Queen Sleeper Cost-Saver:

$600 for one couple OR

$400 for single person

Full Sleeper Cost-Saver:

$350 for single person

Slumber Party Cost-Saver:

$200 for single person

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