Gunter:  Instructor

Swing, Salsa, Ballroom, Country, Tango, Folk Dance

Gunter started dancing in Minneapolis in 1989, and has been on a quest to bring dancing to the masses ever since.  He has been teaching in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas for 20 years.  He teaches many different styles, owns his own studio, and runs several larger events.  His unique building block system allows for students to customize their dances, and also allows the dances to be blended and fused into new styles.

Gunter worked at a couple of standardized studios from 2005-2008, and then opened QC SoDa Dance Studio to teach Swing, Salsa, Ballroom, and just about anything with partners.  Argentine Tango is his favorite, but don't tell the other dances that...



Classes: Swing, Salsa, Salsa Rueda, Ballroom, Line Dancing, Kung Fusion, S.P.L.A.T, West Coast, Country, Argentine Tango, Instructor Training

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Kristine:  Instructor, Venue Owner

Acupuncture, Massage, Tai Chi

I have always loved to dance. I've studied Flamenco, Latin, Jazz, Swing, Blues & Belly Dance. I moved to the QC from Chicago on July 1, 2015 and, on February 29, 2016, I opened a Wellness Center in downtown Moline called Acupoint Health Connection. At AHC, we have a movement studio where we offer a variety of activities, including Social Dancing in conjunction with QC SoDa. I recently decided to take the instructor training programs offered by QC SoDa so that I can begin sharing my love of dance with others by learning the leader's steps as well as the follower's. In addition to dancing, I speak fluent French & Spanish, I'm a licensed acupuncturist, a licensed massage therapist and I recently became one of the Board of Directors for the Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Society.


Watch QC SoDa sites and our venue's Facebook Page, Acupoint Health Connection, for any upcoming offerings.

Tyler:  Instructor


I got into swing dancing back in high school when we did a lindy routine to Conjunction Junction in "School House Rock the Musical". I was in and out of the swing dance scene for several years, performing with Martini Swingers at Augustana College occasionally throughout my time in college. My senior year, I started co-teaching beginners swing at QC Soda until I eventually took over the class. Since QC Soda left the Ward Building in Moline, I've been acting as support for the social dance scene and back-up instructor when called on.


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James: Instructor


James is a dance instructor within the Quad City area. Realizing his enthusiasm for dance while a student at Augustana College, he continued to pursue his passion for dance by taking classes and lessons through QC SoDa. Eventually, with the encouragement from his friends and fellow dancers, James certified as an instructor in QC SoDa in 2016, eventually fully getting the hint from said friends to teach classes in the Fall of 2017. Although enjoying a plethora of dances, James’s passion currently is in Latin dances, particularly Salsa and Bachata. He currently teaches salsa classes and is working on increasing his dance skill, hoping to teach even more classes in the coming future.


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