Private Lessons

QC SoDa offers private lessons for students of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. These 45 minute sessions offer personalized instruction to match any pace of learning.See pricing for the latest deals on private lessons. No partner required, and you can try your first lesson for free!

Why should I consider private lessons?

Personal Attention:


These lessons are built for you.  If you find traditional group classes to be too easy or too hard, private lessons are a great way to move at your best pace.  The instructor matches your learning style and makes learning easy and fun.

Ready For Anything:

The best way to make sure that big day, that office holiday party, or the dance down at the new bar opening in your area go exactly as planned?  Be ready, and the best way is lessons where you get to match your dancing to the music you will hear.


Your private lesson instructor can be a personal trainer, too.  Want to work out with an accountability partner or training buddy?  Quick samba or polka burns 600-800 calories per hour.  The private instructor can make it fun to work out, and teach good practices to avoid injury.

Healing Heart:

Dance is an expression of joy.  But is also an expression of anger, passion, frustration, betrayal (see tango for most of those).  Couples that want to work on their relationships find their communication skills improve, and they gain a better understanding of what makes their partner happy and how they process their emotions.  For those trying to move past heartache or loss, dance can be inspirational and powerful force for helping life move forward.

Unique Material:


These lessons are also created to suit your interests.  For example, you are going on a cruise or moving to a region with specific dances.  It is difficult to find group classes in Cajun, Bomba, Ibo, or a Gavat for that Pride-And-Prejudice party. In private lessons you get to choose the material.

Time Together:


Dancing is ideal for creating something with someone you are just getting to know, someone you've known your whole life, or someone who will be a part of your family soon.  Lessons break the ice and give you a skill you can enjoy together for years to come.

Healing Body:


Dancing is good for many types of physical therapy for muscle-building, balance, and spatial awareness.  Private lesson instructors also give you exercises that will protect your joints as you go.  Motions can be modified and personalized in these lessons, which is much harder in a large group setting.

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