SPLAT - Dips, Tricks, and Air Steps Lab

QC SoDa offers workshops in the showy/flying/fancy air steps, the drop-defying dips, and mind boggling tricks that you might see in Youtube videos.  SPLAT, or Safely Piloting Low-Gravity Action Training, is hugely fun, and great for your Student Recital piece, talent show, or to wow your friends in a cleared tricks circle.  These are offered in occasional, well-padded workshops from time to time.  Do NOT try this at home, unless you sign your waiver and have something at home that is soft to fall on. 


The next SPLAT Training is: December 1st, 2018

Cost is $25 ($10 for College/High School students).

RSVP and/or check out the FB Event Page when they are announced.

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