Gunter Schlueter:  Workshop Instructor

Gunter started swing dancing in Minneapolis in 1989, and has been on a quest to bring dancing to the masses ever since.  He has been teaching in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas for 11 years.

In the Fall of 2008, Gunter met his now wife Korah at the Bix Jazz Festival (there was a dance floor but no organized dance event yet.  A year later and the two got married and opened QC SoDa Dance Studio to teach Swing, Salsa, Ballroom, and just about anything with partners.

Adam Raines:  Late Night DJ

Adam Raines began dancing at Truman State University in 2012. Since then, Adam has fostered a love for all styles of vintage swing, whether dancing or music related. This love has led to all parts of the Midwest and beyond, where he continues to pursue new ideas and new artists.

Since the fall of 2014, Adam has found a joy for DJing and keeps the floor jumping with up-tempo tunes or eases the floor down with some nice groovy, mellow songs, ranging from modern swing bands all the way back to the founding artists of Jazz. This keeps his sets flexible yet fun. His goal is to get you dancing while the songs flow together, cultivating a bond between the dancers and the music.

April and Bethany:  Workshop Instructors

April Jennifer Choi has been dancing for most of her life. She has experience in Ballroom, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Modern, Hip-Hop, Latin, and over a Decade of experience in Swing. She has been teaching, coaching, competing and performing in various movement arts for over 20 years and currently travels all across the nation to teach at many various conventions, festivals and other dance events.

Bethany Byrnes has been teaching ballroom and swing dancing for the last 4 years. Her skills and talent in theater extends back over a decade and has landed her with performances all across the nation. She has a deep passion for not just dance, but all movement and flow arts, expressing herself in fire performance, as well as on the dance floor. She currently aids in helping with organization, registration, stage management, with several events every year.

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